Monday, May 31, 2010

The time passing by...

We believe that we are great time managers.

At least I firmly believe the said thing. And yet there's a book sitting on my table for last 3 weeks waiting to be read. And every morning I wake up look at it and promise myself that I'll finish it in few days. The few days of mine are more than three weeks.

Life's that.

So where are we moving? This is another question I seem to be asking myself many times these days and frankly I don't have any answer. Things are boring around as usual. There's hardly any excitement, rush or pure, clouding fun. But once again I'm alone and hardly in any mood to give a damn for all these things that are - around me. Again a looooooooong Sighhhhhh. And Life's that.

Goals. Yes there are goals. But they don't feel fresh. It's as if life needs a fresh breath and this stagnency need to be removed.

Time is passing by and besides jumping at some unknown thing and invite chaos (Read: Wonderful Chaos) in this peaceful life, I've nothing else to do.

Yes Life's that.

p.s. I think this post is meaningless.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Work piled up...

Monali's singin Ishq Mein...
I got 10 windows open in front of me..
In one i'm formatting a SD Card
Running QEMU in other
Analysing qemu output in another
Putting the O/P in another txt file
Installing some packages in Device
copying couple of files to PenDrive
PDF reader is open with an E-Book
One browser window
One file Managerwindow
In last one I'm looking for packages of a decent audio player for linux..

It's called Life in fast lane..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Digging up the Past

one more weekend behind me, and some productive work there...

I was going through some junk in my baggage. BTW I live in a rented place and so I routinely go through my things and try to keep them as few as possible. So I'd some pages(Not some, actually lot's of ) put in folders, packets, and even in carrybags. Most were two to six yrs old. As I went through (SYSTEMATICALLY of course), I understood that these are actually relics from my past. There was so much info about myself that most of what I'd forgotten. There were things about my junior college, then engineering, then a month full of anxiety just before I moved to Pune. Then last couple years again everything's blank. No not that blank except I closed that account and started noting things somewhere else.

So I recalled some insane adventures that I was part of during my college days. Our calculated bunks in engineering. Our final year project. The one full semester when I debunked college and yet cleared all damn papers. (I fondly remember this one). Our various teachers through Junior college and Engineering. The yearly Festival's at college. Then last but not least various coups etc etc.

Life used to suck then but still we did lot of s***. And best of all our educational record remained sane.

Now things are different, present has a new meaning. But nobody's any wiser. Perhaps I find myself a bit saner. But not by much when i remember our nightly trek on NDA Road - Yeah on A Amavasya night - me and Raahul.

Damn if this would be known to our parents they would have a fit. But yes not much crazy - a bit saner.

Digging the past gives us a chance to compare ourselves to our past namesakes. And mostly we feel better. Yeah then it was this bad, now it's less bad. Kinda cool.

Be around.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

no bang but i'm back

Yes I'm back took a lot of beating here but the same is for the fighting spirit.
And so the hero's back and the film's running allover...
Whatever thank god I'm no drinking these days (Don't think that i used to drink before either cause...I just don't know.... Weak memory and all )

So today's Saturday, I'm still at work though it's supposed to be half day, anyway waiting for one of my buddy to be back from a client visit. I'm hooked to a Zen bunging music(YEP that's Enrique ) blasting in ma ears.

continue later

holding on

it's time for things to move ahead, but as in my case as always I find things regressing. There's no funds to speak of - both in my personal case and same with my company.
My parents are tired of funding my adventures.
So I can't even ask them.
Now there's only one way left. Marry someone and exploit the supposedly soft Father-in-law. But even that's closed to me since I want to be a bachelor as long as possible.
Life's difficult. Life's bitch. Life's a f***ing SOB.

But I'm a survivor, gotta fight - as always.
[The Mean Marshal]